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Grow a forest

Prepare, plan, verify and validate Carbon afforestation projects.
For any size of afforestation projects, 1ha of land or 1000 ha. Orb's software solution facilitates planning, monitoring and registering afforestation project. 

1. Plan

Orb Vision helps landowners to initiate Carbon Credit projects. The process of ISO 14064-2 standard is followed to determine the GHG baseline, obtain approval and plan the project. The project emissions and removals are estimated and the project is registered.

2. Plant

When the project has been initiated and validated, landowner can start planting. Orb Vision can be used to keep track on the forest/arboretum. 

3. Measure

Orb Vision guides the landowner on where and how to capture data inside the forest, using Orb's tree vision app. The carbon sequestration is estimated and carbon credits are generated.

4. Trade

Landowner can now sell the carbon credits. High transparency will reflect in the price. The first years the trees grow slowly but when they have reached average sequestration a landowner can expect annual revenue of around €3000 for 5ha forest.

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