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The process

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1. validate land

Planting New Trees

2. plant trees

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3. measure

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4. trade

Orb Vision

Initiate, Validate, Measure and Verify Carbon Afforestation Projects


Carbon Credits with 100% transparency.
Geolocation behind every tonne CO₂ sequestered
Biodiversity indicators

The Orb Vision platform

Orb Vision is a software solution for measuring forests for validation of afforestation projects. Satellite data, in-forest computer vision measurements and AI are used to facilitate:

  • planning and registration of afforestation projects

  • estimation of Carbon sequestration

  • forestry consultancy 

  • registration and trading verified Carbon credits

Verification bodies

Reliable data collection simplified. Consistent measurements with high precision.


Measure carbon sequestration of trees and forests

Project Developers

Collect more data with help from landowners. Automatic verification reports. Higher value per carbon credit.


Full transparency behind every carbon credit, visible to customers

Orb green - forest assessment - black 2023.001.png

Contributing to the 1,5°C goal

"And the mountains shall drop sweet wine and the hills shall melt."

[Orb, Gaia, 1991]

Funded by:




Kvika bank

Atvinnumál kvenna

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