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1. validate land

Planting New Trees

2. plant trees

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3. measure

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4. trade

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Orb Vision

Initiate, Validate, Measure and Verify Carbon Afforestation Projects


Carbon Credits with 100% transparency.
Geolocation behind every tonne CO₂ sequestered
Afforestation: biodiversity, clean water, healthy soil
Forest Scene

The Orb Vision platform

Orb Vision is a platform for measuring forests, validating afforestation projects and trading Carbon credits on Carbon markets.

Satellite data, in-forest computer vision measurements and AI are used to facilitate:

  • planning and registration of afforestation projects

  • estimation of Carbon sequestration

  • forestry consultancy 

  • registration and trading verified Carbon credits

Environment organisations

Provide full transparency on afforestation projects


Support afforestation


Buy carbon credits with 100% transparency and geolocation

Forestry service

Measure tree volume, height, condition and sequestration with Orb


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Contributing to the 1,5°C goal

Funded by

Íslandsbanki Impact fund

Zenon Impact