Orb greenForest assessment software for tree measurements and biodiversity indicators

Orb Vision forest assessment

  • Tree Vision app is based on computer visionand AI to scan individual trees in sample plots.
  • The Orb Vision platform provides in-depth forest analysis

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Team Orb

  • Íris Ólafsdóttir

    Íris Ólafsdóttir


    Electrical engineer. Founder of Orb and Kúla 3D

  • Jón Arnar Tómasson

    Jón Arnar Tómasson


    Mathematician. Computer vision specialist

  • Liang Tian

    Liang Tian

    Remote sensing specialist

    P.hd. student at the University of Iceland

  • Georg Lúðvíksson

    Georg Lúðvíksson

    Chairman of the board

    Electrical engineer. Founder of Meniga, Spesía, Dímon and more


“The Orb app is the tool foresters have been waiting for. It will enable estimation of the carbon reserves of forests, wood quality and the quantity of wood products expected in the future”

Hlynur Gauti Sigurðsson
CEO of Icelandic Forest Owner Associations

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